Endpoint Detection
& Response

AV stops common threats but misses zero-day and sophisticated attacks due to its signature-based approach, lacking real-time analysis. EDR complements AV by detecting and alerting on suspicious behaviors using advanced technologies like behavioral analysis and machine learning, providing a comprehensive defense against a broader threat spectrum.

Traditional antivirus isn’t enough. 77% of advanced threats slip through. Our EDR stops them all. Our continuous endpoint monitoring and behavioral analysis detect and neutralize sophisticated attacks, providing comprehensive defense.

The cyber threat landscape evolves daily, with attackers constantly developing new and sophisticated tactics. Our Advanced Threat Detection goes beyond traditional solutions, stopping even the most advanced threats in their tracks.

Mestasecurity EDR

Our EDR includes patented deep memory analysis to ensure you’re informed of even the most elusive threat actors.


Our alerts are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to provide context and helpful clarity to your team, reducing the security expertise required to effectively respond.


Our seasoned SOC analysts translate their knowledge into automated mitigation recommendations, stopping advanced threats faster.


Time is critical. Our click-to-respond feature streamlines your team’s response to cyberattacks, allowing for swift mitigation and reduced impact.


Streamlined Security: Our EDR seamlessly integrates with our Remote Monitoring and Management platform for effortless endpoint protection.

Mestasecurity EDR defends all endpoints: desktops, notebooks and servers, across Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems.

The Evolving Threat Landscape Demands More > Simplify Endpoint Security with Metasecurity EDR. Easy deployment, effortless management – powerful protection for all your devices.

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