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In today’s digital age, retailers and hospitality companies are facing increasing pressure to protect customer data from cyber threats. Traditional IT asset management is no longer sufficient to control asset complexity, especially with the rise of digital commerce and IoT device adoption.That’s where Metasecurity Solutions comes in.

  • Comprehensive Asset Data Unification
  • Assessing Compliance Conformance
  •  Tool Coverage Verification
  • Automated Policy Enforcement for Enhanced Protection
  • Improve Device Visibility: Retail and consumer companies use various systems, including traditional workstations, point-of-sale terminals, and cloud services, to serve customers. By unifying all assets, Metasecurity Solutions enables continuous identification of control gaps, ensuring enhanced protection for valuable customer data.
  • Master Your Cyber Asset Attack Surface: Metasecurity Solutions empowers retailers with comprehensive visibility into their external and internal attack surface. By aggregating, normalizing, and deduplicating data from various IT and security solutions. 
  • Supercharge Incident Response: With Metasecurity Solutions, incident response is accelerated as security analysts leverage fully correlated asset inventories. By connecting adapter sources and accessing rich device, user, and cloud asset information.
  • Secure Your Ecommerce Cloud: Metasecurity Solutions enables e-commerce companies to identify and remediate misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in their cloud services, ensuring secure and efficient operations.
  • Protect Payment Card Information: Metasecurity Solutions helps e-commerce companies identify and assess PCI DSS compliance for assets involved in processing payment information, safeguarding payment card information and meeting industry standards.
  • Enhance Policy Compliance through Automation: Metasecurity Solutions empowers ecommerce retailers to streamline various tasks by automating policy enforcement. Upon detecting specific vulnerabilities, the platform enables you to promptly alert the security team, deploy software, execute remote commands, perform endpoint security agent actions, update vulnerability scans, and manage user access privileges.
  • Bridge Security Gaps: Metasecurity Solutions’s comprehensive asset data enables wholesalers to identify security gaps with ease. With policy-matching queries, Metasecurity Solutions can detect devices and users lacking proper security controls, and verify the presence of necessary security agents. Additionally, it identifies devices, such as workstations, servers, and cloud instances, that traditional scans may miss.
  • Automate Enforcement of Security Policies: Metasecurity Solutions empowers wholesalers to automate a range of actions when identifying gaps. Streamline your operations by notifying the security team, deploying software, executing remote commands, managing endpoint security agents, updating vulnerability scans, and controlling user access.

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

Metasecurity Solutions simplifies the management of your organization’s assets, making it effortless. Our advanced technology facilitates immediate and seamless asset inventories, offering you an up-to-date and unified view of your entire system. By optimizing the process of compiling asset inventories, we empower you to efficiently manage your assets and maintain complete visibility into your system.
Metasecurity Solutions stands as your reliable ally in tackling cybersecurity challenges and implementing robust solutions that safeguard the security and integrity of your retail operations. As connected devices play an ever more crucial role in delivering exceptional services, complying with regulations, mitigating cyberattack threats, and efficiently managing numerous devices within your infrastructure can feel overwhelming.

Zero Trust

Metasecurity Solutions comprehends the unique challenges encountered by the retail industry in acquiring a comprehensive inventory of user information. Our innovative solutions streamline the process of compiling user inventories, providing a strong basis for implementing a Zero Trust architecture. Partnering with us enables you to establish a more secure and efficient environment, empowering you to prioritize the delivery of top-quality services to your clients.
Within the retail industry, IT systems play a central role in customer care and data security. Regrettably, numerous devices lack built-in security measures, leaving them susceptible to cyberattacks. Establishing a solid foundation for a Zero Trust security architecture is vital to safeguarding your devices and enterprise against these threats. Metasecurity Solutions provides state-of-the-art solutions and expert guidance to protect your organization’s critical assets, ensuring the safety and well-being of all stakeholders involved.

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